Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What am I reading?

Well, you might suspect it was one of the Butcher series about modern day wizard Harry Driesden that I mentioned here, but you would be wrong.

I ordered a few other books that day. One was Shorts In A Wad by this guy. It's a collection of short (very short--like 100 words short) stories and if they're as good as some of the postings on his blog, I'm sure they will be great fun to read and ponder. But that's not what I'm reading.

No, the other book I purchased last month was Heaven and Earth by Ian Plimer whom I named my Hero du jour in this post. It's all about the missin gscience in the global warming argument. Things like how CO2 does not drive climate change. And how there have been serious ice ages when CO2 has been hundreds of times more abundant in our planet's atmosphere. Or like how records indicate life flourishes when things are warmer than today and do not do so well when things are colder. The same goes for civilizations.

I'm only half way through this book and am thoroughly engrossed.

Here's an article from Jonathan Manthorpe that ran in the Vancouver Sun about Dr. Ian Plimer's book and stance on global warming.

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