Saturday, January 15, 2011

Aerie Report, January 15, 2011

Several quiet but cold days here at the Aerie. Last Thursday we saw 8 degrees at about 8 in the morning. That's the coldest so far this season. It was a nice sunny day, however, so when I went out to shovel the inch and a half of snow that fell Wednesday night, I was able to work up a sweat despite the barely 20 degree high. The house was toasty as well since I had build a large fire in the fire place as soon as I finished feeding the cats.

Friday was slightly warmer but still a mostly sunny day. We say the temperatures actually get up to the mid 20s after starting at 13 degrees.

Saturday Started with winds shifting around so as to come out of the southwest. They also brought some snow flurries into the area. The wind made it feel colder than the 25 degree dawn temperature or the 24 degree sunset reading. Even though those readings were higher than the last two days, I still built another fire in the fireplace to make the living quarters nice and toast. And the light snow that fell all afternoon didn't amount to much on the deck or the driveway except for where it blew off the roof and drifted in front of the garage doors. There it was easily 608 inches deep and will probably require some small amount of shoveling Sunday morning.


Terry had a Pampered Chef Party this afternoon on the north side of the valley. Between here and there, she says, the snow didn't amount to much at all. Only where the wind had the ability to blow across open fields did it get drifted out onto the road.

As for the Pampered Chef products, we really make use of several of their products. In the past she's bought a pizza stone and a stoneware meatloaf pan that we use often. We also have some of their utensils and cutlery. All of it's quality stuff if a little expensive.


I've finally finished going through the photos from our road trip. I managed to pare the stack down to a "mere" 630 for the one hour presentation at the Tiadaghton Audubon Society meeting on Wednesday. In many instances we will be able to push through them at 5 seconds or less each for a string of half a dozen or more at a time. If we can keep the narration to a minimum, we should be able to show them all without too much more paring down.

Let's see...60 minutes each having 60 seconds...that's 3600 seconds.
Six hundred slides...that's 6 seconds each....
Hoo boy! It's gonna be tight!
But then, how long does it take to pop a slide on the screen and say identify what it shows?

Now I'll have to see about drawing a map or two to show our route.

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