Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Snow Update

Didn't stop snowing here until around 6 PM. It was, of course, dark by then and I've no desire to get out there for two hours of shoveling in the dark. It appears we got somewhere around 3 inches of snow. *sigh* If all the snow that has fallen in the last three days had arrived at once, I could have/would have used the snow thrower since it has piled up 7-9 inches. Instead we got 2, 3, 4 inches at a time with half a day or more between clippers. We intend to go to breakfast at the firehouse Sunday morning--which we will do AFTER the shoveling is done.

Good news is that the clipper set up seems to have worn itself out. Unfortunately, there are two possible storms on tap for next week that are bigger and which--at this time--appear to be heading our way. One will arrive on Wednesday the other closer to Saturday. If the forecasters are correct, we'll get enough to last for a time.

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