Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This and That, January 11, 2011

Last Tuesday I stepped on the scale and it read 232.2. That was the beginning of a new diet...or the end of the old one. While I've not been following any particular regimen except to push the day's large meal to noon or there about and to push myself away from the table more forcefully, I managed some loss this week. Weighing myself daily produced some yo-yo activity, of course, as so much depended upon such as the level of outdoor activity (two snows needed to be shoveled), how much liquid I drank (and retained), and if I had had a BM. Still, this morning's weigh-in produced some positive results in a 1.8 pound weight loss down to 230.6 pounds.


Congratulations to Auburn for their 22-19 victory over the Oregon Ducks in last night's BCS Championship Game. I actually turned it off in the closing seconds when it looked like the Tigers had scored a TD to go ahead 26-19 so imagine my surprise to find out this morning that I (and Brent Musburger) were wrong and that it took a last second field goal to seal the deal. As for Michael Dyer's 37-yard run on that final drive.... How many times are players told to play until the whistle? Only the referees can end a play. And, in today's world of instant replay and challenges, they aren't going to do so if it's questionable. Good thing neither Dyer's knee nor forearm hit the turf...for both the refs and the Tigers.


I was impressed with the story of how they had resodded the field after last weeks bowl game. Looked real nice for the Big Game. Then they kicked off and players on both sides started to slip and slide on every play. Certainly detracted a little from the performance of both teams' offenses AND defenses.


On the weather front: The temperatures were up slightly this morning (17 degrees) but that hasn't precluded the moisture in the air from freezing to twigs and branches of trees. The hoar frost gives everything a nice glistening...or it would if the sun could peek out from behind the cloud cover that has moved in ahead of the snow that's coming. And that snow seems to be hurrying our way. The forecast now says it will be here around 5 this afternoon instead of 7 tonight. Should it start at that time (5 PM) I will once more have to forgo participation in the Grand Canyon Photography Club's meeting over in Wellsboro. The meeting usually ends around 9:30 PM so even if it starts snowing around 7 things could be dicey. No way I want to voluntarily be on the roads for some 25 miles of driving in a snow storm.

[UPDATE: Oooo-kay. Started snowing at 3 in the afternoon. Could be good--gets done sooner tomorrow morning, or it could be bad--gonna be more of the stuff than they at first predicted. We shall see. In any event, I guess I'll stay home to watch NCIS tonight.]

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