Thursday, January 27, 2011

Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow.
...somewhere else.

While the Aerie was well west of the major blow that struck the coastal areas, we are experiencing some snowfall this day and likely int he days to follow. Our snow is the product of both lake effect snow off Lake Ontario and a series of swiftly moving clippers coming in from the Great Lakes region and points to the northwest (Saskatchewan and Manitoba--thanks Canada!). Each will produce only an inch or two of the white stuff but that in itself is little consolation as it means sloppy roads, limited visibility and several bouts of shovel work on my part.

This morning we have already received close to two inches of light powder on the deck. There's a heavy truck stuck on the road just below us that appears to have slid off into the side ditch and is having trouble getting back on the packed gravel road. Terry has gone down the hill to get the mail, go to Curves (if it's open) and do some shopping at Wally World. Her four-wheel drive Jeep Compass would normally be able to get her home but this truck blocking the road could produce a delay.

At least we haven't had the kind of snow that her Mom and Jess have had to contend with. Newark, NJ,--located only one town away from Mom's home--had over 20 inches of the stuff. [Mom says she had 17-18 inches.] That's at least the third storm since Christmas of that caliber. And there have been three or four others this winter that produced more than six inches.

TigerHawk has some nice pictures of Princeton this morning after the snow.

Maggie's Farm has posted some pictures from a little further north in the land of Taxachusettes that also document the latest snowfall.

It is lovely to look at, but I'm glad I'm not there.

UPDATE: Terry got home A-OK. She says the truck was there when she went down. They were putting snow tires on it. Idiots abound.

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Rev. Paul said...

Location is everything, no? Here, we're complaining that the snowfall is below normal - and we NEED more snow for the sled dog racing in a month.

I'm sorry it's such an inconvenience for you guys, though - and I hope Mr. Truckdriver gets his rig out of your (Terry's) way soon.