Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oh, the weather outside is....

We enjoyed (?) a windless night with temperatures hovering at 32-33 degrees from 10 PM through 7 AM. Sometime during the night, however, a mild bit of snow and fog moved in and every branch and twig bore a white coat this morning while the deck and the driveway had about an inch and a half of new accumulation.

The white draped trees and fog give the Aerie an eerie aura. I half expect to see Shangri-La when this lifts. Heh! If only!

The snow in the driveway did force my hand. I positively HAD to go out and shovel since the weekend--at this point--looks hazardous. AccuHunch is calling for to get colder tonight (low of 9 degrees) with snow on Thursday night into Friday followed by some of the coldest temperatures of the winter (overnight lows near 0 degrees and daytime highs in the teens).

Shoveling--and shoveling was the only option since the snow depth was just 1-1/2 inches or thereabouts--was not an easy task as this was NOT the light fluffy snow we have been getting. This stuff more resembled a combination of granular sugar and oatmeal. Instead of one and a half hours, today it took me closer to two hours of steady moving, twisting, lifting and tossing.

The good? 1) It's done--for today. 2) The plow came up the hill just as I got near the end of the driveway. Great timing!

The bad? 1) As I finished up, snow started falling. Not much, mind you. Just enough to be worrisome.

(And AccuHunch is saying something about 3 inches on the way? says "occasional snow flurries" and less than an inch. Now, where did I put that lucky coin of mine?)

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Rev. Paul said...

Our overnight temp was NOT in negative numbers, for the first time in a week - it was 0 this morning. Our version of AccuHunch says we'll have 15 today, and be in the upper 20s for the rest of the week, with snow showers.

You guys have had more snow than we, for the last month. Folks here are getting twitchy at the lack of fresh white stuff.

Okay, I'm getting twitchy. But we're below normal on snowfall for the season.