Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Downs and Ups (Weight and Temps)

Dropped 3.6 pounds this week making for a total loss in three weeks of 6.7 pounds to 225.5 pounds. It may not sound like much but for a nearly sedentary time of year (I really should get the snowshoes out), I think that's pretty good. As long as the numbers on the scale continue to go down week-to-week I'll be happy.


Monday's afternoon temperature topped off at just 16 degrees...in the sun. It started to drop as soon as the sun went down behind the mountains but then a funny thing happened. The winds picked up out of the west-southwest and it was like it came all the way from the Gulf of Mexico carrying with it the warmth (but not the moisture--that would stay to the east) and the temperature started to rise. This morning the thermometer read 20 degrees. That's a gain of 26 degrees over yesterday morning and "warm" enough to make one want to forego the hot toddies and bring out the margarita makin's. Well, maybe not that warm...But it is supposed to get to the mid to upper 30s today!

As for the snow...stayed to the east of us. East of the Delaware River, actually. We had just the lightest of dusting overnight which the wind has whipped away. Good.

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