Sunday, January 30, 2011

More, more, more....

Terry and I shoveled off the driveway in about an hour and a quarter this morning before we all went down to the fire hall in Mansfield for Sunday breakfast.

There's a promise of blue sky today. And tomorrow! Then we will be back to the S.O.S. (Same Old Sh*t.) AccuHunch says we'll get 10+ inches of snow starting after midnight Monday and running through Wednesday. And, they say, there might be a quarter inch or more of ice on top.

In light of this forecast, Jessica and Jake will be heading back to NJ Monday after lunch. And just when Jake was starting to feel more comfortable with the other three cats. (Jake has been the 98-pound weakling on muscle beach. Julie and Chester have been tolerant. But Shadow.... She hisses and growls at poor Jake.)

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