Saturday, January 22, 2011

How good are you on a bandsaw?

I am amazed by what some people can do with their power tools.

Take this guy for instance:



JihadGene said...

Wish I could do half the stuff I've seen you do on this here blog of yours... LOOONG time, Joated!!!

joated said...

Hey! It isn't me on that saw. I can barely cut things to the line in 2-D. THis dudes freehanding a 3-D project in the time I would take to turn the saw on.

Trust me on this.

JDP said...

My dad bought me a Craftsman jig saw when I was in middle school. I made some pretty nice cutting boards with it but they must have improved the saw/blades since then. I used to break the blades on a regular basis.


joated said...

JDP, I've seen guys do wsomething like the fella in the video is doing on a jig saw. Those pieces are generally less than an inch and a half square.

Band saws and jig saws are different. I have both.

Jig saw blades still break frequently. Usually because there's an incorrect amount of tension on the blade (hi or low) and too much pressure feeding the wood to the blade. Like Goldilocks, you have to search for conditions/techniques that are j-u-s-t right.