Saturday, January 01, 2011

A bad bowl year for the Big 10

And today was the worst of all.

Wisconsin, Penn State, Northwestern, Michigan, and Michigan State all lost. The last two were routs.

Heck, even incoming Nebraska got their a$$ kicked earlier in the week.

That leaves just Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl against Arkansas to put one in the W column for the Big 10.

No pressure in the Buckeyes, however. No pressure at all.

[UPDATE: Anonymous reminds me that the Iowa Hawkeyes did post a W on December 28th in a 27-24 victory over Missouri in the Insight Bowl. Second consecutive year Iowa came through for the Big 10.]


Anonymous said...

Iowa for second year in row giving Big 10 a W.

joated said...

Thanks for reminding me! Forgot about the Hawkeyes' 27-24 win over Missouri.

Brigid said...

I called my Dad to say Happy New Years and all I got was "it's the Rose Bowl and it's not good". He's a huge football fan. I've learned at such times, to call him back later.

Thanks for the visit to HOTR and have a happy new year with your bride.