Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Log Home Update: Part 62:
Hey, we've got gutters!

While I was up north pursuing white-tails, the gutter guys were finishing their installation of the gutters and down spouts at the Aerie. I’ve got lots of pictures to share so let’s start with the entrance area:
Gutters 01
It will finally be possible to enter the front door without taking a cold, cold shower as the gutters will take the water and channel it to the ground.

Gutters 02
This section over the garage shows how well the color blends in with the roof. I may have to do something about the flow from the downspout if it starts to erode the driveway, however.

Gutters 03
Keeping runoff from the fill behind the retaining wall was a priority. The gutter guys solved this with a couple of simple bends and long runs of downspout.

Gutters 04
Our main concern on the west side of the house was to get the water from the dormer to the ground without it dripping on the main roof extending out from the side of the house. As a result we only had gutter installed along the top of the dormer. To get the water down to the ground, the gutter guys did a little magic with the downspout as then “bent” it around the lower roof as seen here:

Gutters 05

Gutters 06
Where the two roofs meet (main house and garage ell) water could really come gushing down the valleys. The gutter guys installed these shields to ensure the water goes into the gutters and not beyond. I hope they can stand up to the snow.

Gutters 07
Gutters 08
Gutters 09
They did a real nice job of tucking the downspouts in behind the log ends and making them look like trim work.

“Gutter Guys” are The Gutter Pros out of Sayre, PA.


Gun Trash said...

Wow, that's a neat installation! Functional and looks good, as well.

Anonymous said...

I am considering a log home and was web surfing for info, came across your blog, just had to comment on how beautiful your new log home is!
I hope I can convince my husband to consider building one too!

Anonymous said...

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