Monday, October 10, 2011

Aerie Report, October 10, 2011

I trust you had a nice Columbus Day. Mine was very relaxing, thank you.

One more beautiful day at the Aerie. It never got below 50 degrees overnight and rose to just about 80 this afternoon. Some cloud cover did roll in after the 2 o'clock hour and provided some welcome shade from the very bright sun. That cloud cover broke up as we approached sunset however and the result was a lovely orange-to-pink-to-purple-to-blue pastel work framed in dark gray of the remaining clouds off in the western direction.


I got the grass cut today using the rear catcher and did it in pretty good time--just under 2 hours despite having to stop frequently to empty the bag. The knees didn't complain at all and that allowed me to mow without moaning--or slowing down much.

I also got some of the black locust sprouts that threaten to cover the propane tank and prick the deliveryman to death clipped back. I was a little concerned that the thorns on the branches might actually puncture the gas line if they fell in that direction. As a result, I got hit in the head, shoulders and, of course, the arms and hands. Dang thorns are nearly 3/4 on an inch long and sharp!

When I get back from the dentist's tomorrow, I'll start stacking firewood.


Terry made it to Anaheim without a hitch yesterday. She did have to show the TSA agent what her pleater was all about, though, apparently they hadn't seen one before. (It's a little hand cranked thing that scrunches up material and sews it at the same time so you can smock upon the multi-folded results. Looks something like this or this. I think Terry's is more like the second one.)

Terry's only complaint about the flight was that it left at around 8 AM, took 5-6 hours and did not include a meal or snack. Beverage was included but any food was pay-as-you-go unless you were in first class. I guess it's one way they can keep the price down as fuel cost are bouncing all over the place.

Anyway, she's there with her friends and fellow enthusiasts and having a good time.

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