Monday, October 03, 2011

Monday morning

Went to bed last night after the second defensive TD by the Baltimore Ravens against the NY Jets just five minutes into the second quarter, so I missed the THIRD defensive TD. Could any defense look so good? Or offense look so bad? What a great defensive game by the Ravens. What a terrible offensive game by the Jets.

Whatever happened to the Jets' running attack? Minus yards in the second half and a grand total of 38 yards for the game? That's no way to win a football game. No way at all.

The Jets defense actually played pretty well. They, too, got a TD on a 35-yard interception return by David Harris. And special teams produced a 107-yard kickoff return for a TD in the opening minutes. But the offense was, well, offensive. It stunk.

At least I got to go to bed earlier than expected. Would have fallen asleep too except...


Soon after going to bed, the skies over the Aerie opened up and rain beat down in torrents-again. Checking the rain gauge this morning there was 1.0 inches of water. That's from Saturday morning until Monday morning, 10/1 - 10/3. Seems like October started just as August and September ended: WET.

It's still overcast and we may get a bit of a spritz at any time during the day but the temperatures have risen slightly into the 50s. AccuHunch promises things will get better later this week with the sun actually making a prolonged appearance and daytime temps getting back toward the 70 degree area. We shall see.


About the only things that are doing well under these weather conditions are waterfowl (too chilly for frogs), algae, moss, and mushrooms. I've a pretty good crop of the latter popping up around the yard. If I was 100% sure of the species, I could probably harvest enough for some soup or side dish fried in butter. The risk, however, of being wrong is too high.

I'm pretty sure these are edible...but not 100%. Shaggy manes? They are all over the place right now.
Emerging in clusters beneath some shrubs. Note the old stalks
in the background. They belong to a different species.

Solitary individuals in the lawn. Approximately 4-5" tall.

Enmass where I've disturbed the earth on the side of the driveway.
The big one on the right is 8-9" tall. Those on the left are about 6".

I've seen others on neighbors' lawns, in the woods and in the pastures round about. Excellent conditions for mushrooms, indeed.

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Rick said...

Shaggy manes are quite good. You have to get them before they start to dissolve and slice them before cooking. I tried cooking the caps whole one year and the inside was full of water when they were were done.