Thursday, October 27, 2011


The forecast was for some light snow this evening, but Mother Nature sped things up a bit and the flakes started falling in earnest around 2 PM. That might mean we will get considerably more than the light dusting the original forecast from included. In fact, the accumulation maps are now saying we might get 1-3 inches.

Some of the poplars are still holding onto their yellow leaves as are the oaks their brown ones. The locusts are still green, for crying out loud!

Part of the west side lawn and the trail into the back field.

Green locusts getting turned white on the west side of the Arie's lawn.

The snow is sticking on the grass, trees and deck but it has yet to start sticking to the driveway and--I assume--road. As the snow cools those bare earth surfaces and the temperature continues to drop they, too, will soon be white.

The Tundra and Aveo get a coat but not the driveway...yet.

And the forecast now says there's a possibility of more snow west of the I-95 corridor on Saturday. Will it reach this far west? Stay tuned!


Rev. Paul said...

There are a lot of folks here who would gladly trade whatever you'd like for that snow. Parts of Anchorage got that much, yesterday, but it all melted before the temp dropped.

Ruth said...

damn, yes, now that you mention it there is white stuff mixed in with my rain.....