Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Aerie Report, October 25, 2011

What we did today:

  • Up early (thanks to the cats), Terry's Aveo for oil change and inspections at Mansfield Exxon (which no longer pumps gas--old pumps couldn't take $4 a gallon and new pumps were too costly, so it's strictly a mechanics' center now).

  • Had breakfast at Grandma's Kitchen (thank goodness for the never empty cup of coffee!).

  • Back home we packed over 100 books for donation to the Green Free Public Library in Wellsboro into the Jeep Compass and took them over.

  • Had lunch at Harland's Family Style Restaurant.

  • Picked up cider at the cider mill (no apple dumplings? Darn it!).

  • Picked up Terry's Aveo (oil done, passed inspection, Ryan says new tires in the spring).

  • Back home--again--we dug the carrots out of the ground, cut off the greens, scrubbed them, sliced the larger ones, blanched them and then froze three large Zip-Loc bags.

That was our day.


Was a nice day, but we've some rain and snow on the way according to weather.com. With lows down to 28 degrees Thursday night and 30 degrees on Saturday night we may get a little of the white stuff here at 2100 feet. We should get a good frost, even if we don't get any snow. (And AccuHunch, located in State College, PA, is saying "Snow? What snow? We don't see any stinkin' snow in the forecast!")

We could have seen some Northern Lights last night, but didn't know to look for them. *sigh*

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JDP said...

I read that people down here in Texas saw the Northern Lights. Just my luck, I missed them :(