Friday, October 28, 2011

Snow Report from the Aerie,
October 28, 2011

We got just shy of 3 inches of snow yesterday. The first snow of the season is often a surprise. This one came while some trees (locusts in particular) were still green. Other trees still had many leaves although they had already turned yellow, brown or red. Temperatures overnight fell to the mid 20s and down in the valley, where there wasn't as much snow, there was a very heavy frost. As the sun warms things up, the leaves that have changed color are finally severing their connection with the branches to which they clung. Snow is melting on the tree branches and the pine limbs (and locusts') are springing back to their previous locations.

It could be worse. There's a winter storm watch out for Saturday. Most of it will be to the east of us but we can still get another 1-3 inches of the white stuff.

That purple? That's the area forecast to receive 6 to 12 inches of snow. In PA that's the area east of I-81. The zone includes the Poconos of PA, the Kittatinny Ridge of NJ, the Catskills of NY, the Berkshires of western CT and MA, and all points in between. (We're in the gray area along the PA-NY border.)

It looks like I'll be hanging birdfeeders sooner than later.

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Rev. Paul said...

If I lived a couple hundred feet higher, there'd be snow in my yard this morning, too.