Saturday, October 01, 2011

Rain and Football

Got pretty cold last night. Down to the upper 40s. It would have been colder but there was a blanket of clouds after midnight that prevented further heat loss. The winds switched to come out of the north as a storm swirled around a center somewhere near the tri-state corner of NJ-PA-NY. Rain started around 9:30 AM and has continued all day into this evening. Talk about raw! The day's high was only around 50 degrees outside. Got down to 60 degrees inside before I built a fire. That rose the temperatures to 68 inside and the cats were most appreciative.

Terry says they had a good time at my niece's surprise bridal shower in NJ today. Kristen had no clue that it was happening. I guess that's good, although it means she doesn't read my blog because I accidentally posted about it the other day. (I did remove the reference to it after Terry alerted me that it was supposed to be a surprise, but still....Common girls! Read what your old uncle is doing...please?)


I "watched" the Rutgers-Syracuse game on the computer/radio today. RU pulled out a sloppy victory in double overtime, 19-16, up in the Carrier Dome. I had it on WOR out of NYC but their computer radio kept going to commercials while play was still underway...including during the final seconds of regulation when RU had a chance to win the game. I switched to the Rutgers page where there was a link to WCTU 1250 AM and managed to listen to the game without those annoying interruptions.

Following the game on the ESPN GameCast, I noticed they had a weather statement "Overcast; 74 degrees." Hello! The game was played in the dome. The overcast skies , and the rain/wind outside had absolutely no affect on the outcome.

I actually started to follow it on CBSSports using their GameTracker but the operator was either 1-asleep or 2-overwhelmed with the other games going on. There would be times the GameTracker would pretty much freeze up and leave you wondering what was going on while the WOR broadcast was carrying commercials but the game was proceeding.

Speaking of playing an overtime far there have been lots of them today. Rutgers-Syracuse, Navy-Air Force, TCU-SMU, and Idaho-Virginia. (AF, SMU, and Virginia all won their games.) Additionally, the number of games where the difference was 4 points or less has been pretty amazing.

Football is still being played, after all, it's just 8:30 PM EDT.
And the pros will be playing tomorrow.

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