Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Aerie Report, October 11, 2011

I woke up before 6 AM this morning and saw the full moon about to set. A beautiful, bright orange jack-o-lantern moon. The adage about red sky in the morning is meant to apply to the sun rising, but the moon setting may be just as good an indicator. Clouds moved in during the day and we are supposed to get showers late tonight an much of Wednesday. Wednesday's showers may be heavy at times, too. At least the clouds kept the temperature below 70 degrees today. ideal temperature for working outdoors.


I spent three hours in the dentist's chair this morning getting fitted for a temporary bridge. It took her an hour just to get the old bridge off so she could get to the teeth beneath that were 1) anchoring the 6 tooth bridge and 2) in need of work because of decay. Luckily(?) she didn't see a need for a root canal ("at this time") on the one really bad tooth. Impressions were taken for the final product, the temp was installed and everything else went swimmingly. I practiced lots of meditation while sitting there. So much, in fact, that I nearly fell asleep while she was working!

She kept telling me to relax my lips so she could put those little cotton pillows in to keep the flesh away from where she was using the cutter/drill. I had to laugh because my upper lip was so numb from the shots she administered that I couldn't get it much more relaxed than it was. As for the little cotton pillows, I'm sure I've seen chipmunks with less in their cheek pouches. I think there were six of those things in there at one time.


When I got done with the dentist, I sauntered over to Yorkholo Brewery for a glass of Pine Creek Lager and a meal of fish and chips. I'm sure it was quite good but I was concerned I might dribble all over the place since my upper lip was still very, very numb.

I did complain that they post their meal specials on Facebook too late for them to be useful for either lunch or dinner planning. Every day they seem to post their specials just one hour before that meal's time. They put the lunch special up around 11 AM and the dinner between 4 and 5 PM. By then Terry's already got meal prep pretty much underway and it's usually too late to alter our plans. The bartender listened, nodded his head and told me that they were just talking about that at a meeting on Monday. They know it's a problem and they are working with the folks in the kitchen for a little more lead time.


Back home I stacked all the firewood and covered it with tarps. That little job took me two-and-a-half hours to complete by which time by lip was no longer numb but I was wishing my knees were. Both of them were complaining something awful. I'll be taking some pain killers after a light dinner and will skip the photography club meeting over in Wellsboro. Maybe I'll make it all the way through NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles before I turn into a pumpkin.

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