Friday, October 14, 2011

Wet. Wetter. Wettest.

I took advantage of a break in the rain this morning at 9 AM when I went out to get the mail and emptied the rain gauge of 1.42 inches of water. It looks as though we will have another above average month--the third consecutive month of above average precipitation. Let's hope this does not continue through the snow months ahead! (I'm not much for skiing or snowboarding, sorry.)

It was actually quite nice when I went out. There were even a few breaks in the clouds allowing sunlight to stream down and illuminate the fields in the valley to the northwest. It was a promise--fleeting and ephemeral, perhaps, but a promise just the same--of better weather ahead. Just not immediately. The clouds have closed ranks and thickened, and it looks like there might be more shower activity to come. *sigh*

[UPDATE: 12:40 PM Well that promise didn't last long. By noon it was pouring cats and dogs. It has now settled down to a drenching rain that the hourly report says will continue all afternoon and into the night.]

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Shelley said...

It's suppose to rain here for the next 3 days. We may need to build an ark!