Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Christening.

Since the Yankees, my nieces' favorite team, are currently getting their collective a$$ kicked by the Tigers (7-1 in game 4 in which Detroit leads 3 games to nil as I write), allow me to post some pictures from the christening of little Samantha Rylee this last weekend.

 Aunt Kelly (Godmother), Sandy (Mom), Samantha (The Star of the show!), 
Joey (Big Brother--the Ham), Ryan (Dad), and Uncle Rich (Godfather)
Sandy, Samantha and Ryan
(Back home for goodies!)

Sandy's side of the family.
Grandpa Al, Sandy, Ryan, Samantha, Aunt Kristen, Grandma Ruthann

Ryan's side of the family
Godmother Aunt Kelly, Grandpa Ron and Grandma Elaine McMahon, Sandy, Samantha, and Ryan

Sandy (Mom), Ruthann (Grandma), Samantha, and Aunt Kristen

Sandy, Samantha and Kristen

Sorry girls, Tigers won, 8-1. Guess you'll have to wait until next year.

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