Friday, October 26, 2012

Dinner Company

I had company for dinner tonight. When I returned from the vet with Miss Kitteh, I sat down to surf the web for a bit. Around four-thirty, I got up to fix some dinner. I looked outside and spotted a doe standing just past the burn barrel nibbling on some greens growing out of the earth pile next to the compost heap. I watched her for 10 minutes and then she started moving out onto the lawn. For the next half hour she fed on the grass as she slowly moved closer and closer to the deck.

Muzzle loader season ended last Saturday but the smoke pole was still loaded in the garage. My bow was also in the garage and I was sorely tempted to try to sneak out the front door, but I let that itch pass and just watched. Eventually she worked her way to within 10 feet of the deck and I started thinking of the knives in the drawers.

Eventually I walked away and so did she.

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