Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More on the Aftermath of Sandy

Just emptied the rain gauge: 2.47 inches so far. It's still raining some but the winds are down to under 10 mph and the barometer is rising...slowly.

Ran down to the post office and saw a few trees blown down by the winds of yesterday and last night. This included a short row of firs the lined the road in front of a farmhouse. Luckily they were just short enough to miss the house, but the group of six or seven trees will be a total loss. All of them were uprooted in what must have been a chain reaction. Several other trees were snapped off between eight and ten feet above the ground. The roads were cleared of those that fell across the path.

Part of Route 6 had been narrowed to one lane between town and Mansfield due to "drainage concerns," also known as washout.

Our rural electric co-op is dealing with some power outages to the west of us in both Tioga and Potter counties.  From the sounds of it, they may have lost a transformer or two near Coudersport while everything else is tree and limb on the line stuff.

I've not heard from my daughter or mother in law who lost power and phone lines last night. They're in Linden, NJ just a short two blocks from the center of town. Hopefully they are okay but without power the sump pump in the basement would not be working.

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Rev. Paul said...

I hope all those you love are safe.