Thursday, October 18, 2012

Miss Kitteh at the Aerie

So. Yesterday we discovered a 3-4 month old kitteh under our shed. How it got there or from whence it came we have no idea. It was bawling its lungs out, however, and we just could not let it stay where it was. Terry got a can of cat food (Tuna--preferred by three--now four--cats in the household) and coaxed it out far enough so I could make a quick snatch. Then, at great risk of life and limb and the donation of several large drops of blood, I carried the kitteh inside.

She was emaciated. Nothing but skin and bones but her coat was in excellent shape and she didn't seem to have any fleas or other creepy crawlies about her. Into a carry case she went with the half can of tuna. And she was happy. Then she peed in her bed, so to speak.

I fished her out of the liquid excrement and we washed her off. She wasn't happy about that but when I sat down in my chair with her cradled in my arms she started purring and soon fell asleep. When we went out last night (Audubon meeting) I put the kitteh downstairs where there was a bowl of dry food (of which she readily partook), water, and three litter boxes.

We didn't see her again until this morning. Not that we didn't look, but without a bell or a collar, she was incredibly good at silent running and hiding. We fixed the collar and bell thing this morning. And then fed her some more tuna and some milk.

Kitteh with her Rhinestone collar. 

She readily digs into the tuna and slurps up the milk. 

Kitteh is ready for her commercial now: "Got milk?" 

Then it was back to MY chair where she seems to be very comfortable.

 Actually, she will stay in the chair while I'm there, scootching into the space next to me. She even stayed there while I went and ate lunch then curled up next to me again when I returned. But then she got adventurous and hopped off the chair and discovered there were three other cats about. There have been no knock-down, drag-outs or anything. Just lots of staring and perplexed looks.  Shadow is acting like she's the most concerned. Sorta like the low man on the totem pole when there's an unexpected new hire. She (Shadow) may be afraid she's going to be replaced. Julie is curious about this little thing. Possibly she remembers when Chester and Shadow showed up six-plus years ago as eve smaller bundles--and NOW look at them! Chester? He could care less as long as he can go curl up on the couch in the sewing room next to Terry.

So Kitteh's once again hiding in the corner of the livingroom this time. Curled up on the floor (radiant floor heating must be sooooo comfortable) between the couch and chair, just out of my reach and protected on two sides from any Big Cat Attacks. When I try to go pick her up, she ducks through the end table to the other side and we play ring-around-the-rosey with the couch in the middle.

I'll let her be and hope that she remembers where the litter boxes are. I put her in one earlier and she did piddle a bit, but for a kitteh--even one with long, long legs--those basement steps might look like Mt. Everest. On the other hand, she did jump down from the counter quite easily after drinking her milk.

We've got a few phone calls and contacts out looking for a home for this cutie. None of the shelters are accepting any cats, however, and everyone we know has a full house having just had kittens of their own. If anyone is interested, I deliver. (And I do mean anyone...except for you, Rev. Paul. No offense, but 6K miles into the heart of winter? And across portions of Canada? No. Not gonna happen with an undocumented Kitteh.)


Rev. Paul said...

I forgive you, sir, not that there's anything to forgive. Sounds like y'all have been adopted.

joated said...

You're probably correct, Paul. We have been adopted whether we wanted to be or not.