Friday, October 26, 2012

Miss Kitteh Saw the Doc Today

So, as I mentioned in the previous post, I took Miss Kitteh to the vet's today. She certainly made an impression on me. Unlike the other three cats, she was absolutely quiet in the carry cage as I put her into the back seat of the truck. She remained quiet as we drove down to the vet's. The others would have been howling the entire time--and foaming at the mouth, drooling, throwing up, peeing and/or pooping during the 6 mile ride. She also made an impression at the vet's as she ramped up her little purr box and just loved all the handling, petting, combing she got. While I estimated Miss Kitteh to be at most 4 months of age,Doc says she's more like 5 months of age maybe even 6 based upon her teeth-she's got 'em all. The only puzzling thing is her weight. She's just under 4.5 pounds which is tiny for that 6 month estimate. Miss Kitteh got her first distemper and rabies shots, and was checked for feline leukemia (neg). Since she, like the other three will be an indoor cat and will have limited--if any-contact with other cats, she didn't require a vaccination against feline leukemia. She also got a dose of de-worming medicine. She behaved excellently under the vet's ministrations only objecting to having the de-worming stuff put into her mouth. It looks like--and the vet said it tastes like--butterscotch. I wouldn't know about the taste. Apparently, Miss Kitteh is not into butterscotch, though. She swallowed it, but under some protest. Maybe if it tasted like chicken gravy.... She was good on the way home too. No cleaning of the carry cage was required which was a change. A second visit for some booster shots of those she got today is set up for November 16. I hope she's as cooperative as she was today. Come the New Year, however, she'll be looking at surgery so as to be "fixed" and she might not like that visit so well.

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