Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Morning At the Aerie

After a couple of days of mizzling, drizzling, more or less windless days, I emptied the rain gauge this morning. It held 0.4 inches of rain. Over time it adds up.

The radio was saying we could expect 3-4 inches form Sandy as she passes through Monday afternoon through Wednesday. Even then we won't be cleared of all the rain as more is forecast for Thursday into Friday.


Made one last run to Wally World to pick up some things I forgot yesterday. Things like Italian Sausage, spaghetti sauce, hot dogs and rolls. And bacon. How could I forget bacon!?! (They didn't have any D-sized batteries, however.) [Heh! Just found a pound of bacon in the freezer! Now I'm really set! Bring it on!]

I get a kick out of looking at license plates in the parking lot. Today there were some fairly common ones like New York and Ontario mixed in with all the PA plates. Then there were the rarer Minnesota and Missouri and Alaska. Sometimes I'll see Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Oklahoma or Mississippi, all of which I attribute to the gas industry. But Alaska? Relatives or pipeline workers?


Waiting for the other shoe to drop as far as Sandy is concerned. We've had our calm-before-the-storm days now it's time for things to get serious.

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