Friday, October 26, 2012

More Ramblings From the Aerie

Emptied the rain gauge--again--on Thursday morning and found 0.73 inches of water contained therein. So in the last week alone we had approximately 2 inches of rainfall. Needless to say, the ground is pretty well saturated. And there's a stalled front and a hurricane/tropical storm/nor'easter heading this way. Oh. Joy.

Could be worse. Some of the forecasters are saying up to half a foot of snow may fall in the southwest corner of the state down through the panhandle of Maryland into West Virginia. WE will only see some flurries to an inch or two.

The good news is that--at least around here--nearly all the leaves have fallen. 


I went out and raked leaves yesterday thinking 1) most of them had fallen and 2) they were about as dry as they were going to get considering the forecast.

It was 70+ degrees out there and the sun was shining so the job was not unpleasant. Today, although the forecast was for sun, it's been almost completely overcast. May be that way for a week.


Raking leaves, I turned out half a dozen wooly bear caterpillars. Ever single one had a wide brown central band and small black ends. Those I've seen around town and the yard previously also had wide brown bands. Folklore has it that this predicts a mild winter. (You can check the link for more from the Old Farmer's Almanac about that.) That would be fine with me!


Rev. Paul said...

I hope you get that mild winter you want, starting with Sandy - may it be all hype and little storm.

Ruth said...

Donno, I saw 2 woolies today, and they were the opposite of yours.....course you're just enough south of me that that could be correst!