Friday, October 12, 2012

Busy day today...

...or not.

* Clipped the cats' claws. (Shadow was getting "stuck" in the towels that cover the furniture, the furniture and her bed. Chester was just probing my knee/thigh with a little blood letting thrown in for good measure.) Their claws were like little scimitars with hypodermic syringes on the end.

I have to sort of sneak up on them to be able to catch them unawares. First I close all the doors to the laundry room, bedrooms, basement, bathroom, etc. This gives them fewer places to hide. Then I snag the one most likely to hide the best (Julie), sit her on my lap, and begin snipping. If the other two haven't wised up yet, that first "snip!" sends them scurrying about, but with the doors closed they have only the loft as a refuge. They protest a great deal about this, but five minutes after I'm done, they are more than willing to come and have lunch.

* Did the laundry. It's easy when you wear jeans, river runner pullovers, and white socks all the time. Just two piles: colored and white.

* Baked four dozen chocolate chip cookies. (Or at least that's all that made it to the cookie jar. Maybe one or two fewer than that, in fact.)

* Read all about Chuckles the Clown's Vice President Biden's less than comical performance during last night's debate. (Could stand watching just about five minutes of it between watching the baseball (Yankees vs. Baltimore; a nail biter) and football (Pittsburgh vs. Tennessee; so-so) games. If I didn't switch it off, I was going to need a new TV.)

This guy is a heartbeat away from the presidency? Lord, help us. Oh, and keep Obama healthy, for crying out loud! At least until January 20, 2013.


Speaking of the Yankees and Obama.... Ever see Damn Yankees? A Washington Senator's fan, Joe Hardy, makes a deal with the Devil: Joe's soul for a chance to play ball for the Senators and beat the damn Yankees for a change. The Devil is aided by a siren by the name of Lola, who is herself trapped in a shady deal with the Devil. Kind of reminds me of the current President's quick rise compared to his rather--shall we say--skimpy resume. It has me wondering who plays the Devil, who is Lola, and whether or not it was the soul of the USA that was bargained away.


We got a spritz of rain early this morning that didn't really amount to much. The wind, however, is something else. Out of the north-northwest at between 25 and 30 mph and bringing lots of cold air this way. The radio was saying it might get down to 21-22 degrees by morning. FREEZE warnings (not FROST...FREEZE) are up. Guess I won't be getting any snap peas this fall. I'll have to remember that they need to get in the ground between August 1 to 7 next year. Could be worse. At least there's no snow in the 15-day forecast. Yet.


Terry is currently in Atlanta for her SAGA Convention ad reports she is having a grand old time. Learning all sorts of new stuff, catching up with old acquaintances and making new ones. And she's winning door prizes, too. She got herself a voucher for one year's dues on the first day. She plans on leaving either late Sunday and stopping along the way, or early, early Monday and dead heading home. In either case, she'll be back at the Aerie Monday evening.


I'm heading into New Jersey tomorrow for the christening of little Samantha Rylee who just turned four months old. My nieces first child and my sister's first grandchild. Knowing my sis, Sami's probably spoiled rotten already. 


Rev. Paul said...

Lola, by most accounts, is Valerie Jarrett. She's reputed to be the one who actually makes the decisions which come from the White House. At least, that's what I read.

joated said...

Okay. That makes sense.

If you remember, in the story/play/musical, Joe gets out of his deal with the Devil at the end and becomes an ordinary, middle-aged figure at the crucial time as the Senators are in the final game against the Yanks. He then fades into the obscurity of everyday life. I wonder if that's not happening now. However, Joe was a likable guy, Obama? Not so much.