Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Morning After...

...the day before.
Looks like Sandy (or what's left of her) will swing a little further west than originally forecast. Probably due to how fast she rushed on shore last evening. She was acting like an 8-year old wanting to hit the Boardwalk for the second time in her life. (First time would have been slow and full of awe. Second time, knowing what awaited...not so much.)

Anyway. Rained here all night but the winds did die down somewhat. Lights flickered off just long enough to cause the digital clocks on the alarms and microwave as well as the modem to lose track of what they were doing and require a reset. More rain on the way today into tonight.

Could be worse. Parts of West Virginia are getting 2-3 FEET of snow. THE Jersey Shore (not the town) got battered. NYC has sucked the air right out of the news broadcasts but there's more happening than just NYC. (Heh. When you can just step out the door of your office and make a "news" report, why bother looking elsewhere?)

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Rev. Paul said...

One of the greatest annoyances for those of us who live everywhere else besides NYC, is their tendency to assume that if it's of interest there, it's of interest to everybody.

Wrong. We rarely get excited about stuff happening 4,000 miles away. Now, when it's happening to someone I know (like you & your lovely wife), that's a different story.