Friday, October 05, 2012

Prepping the RV for Winter.

I spent some hours today winterizing the Winnie Access. I needed to drain the fresh water tank, the hot water tank, and all the lines before pumping RV antifreeze into the pipes.

I've done it before with the trailer, of course, but this was a "new" vehicle for me. That meant I first had to locate all the plugs and valves. So--and this is hard to say--I read the manual and directions. Okay, I admit I skipped over a section and went right to the table that tells you where the plugs and valves are located before actually reading all the step by step directions.

I succeeded in draining the hot water tank and the pipes. Then I had to reread the section about where the valve was to drain the fresh water tank (under the bed next to the water pump). Found that and dumped 3/4 of a tank of fresh water that was there when we bought the vehicle. (Wonder what our mileage would be if we weren't hauling those 35-40 gallons of water around.)

Then it was time to pump the antifreeze into the system. I pulled out the siphon line from the water pump, stuck one end into the antifreeze jug and turned the pump on. Whoosh! The antifreeze got sucked up and the gallon jug was empty. The second jug went just as quickly, as did the third and fourth. But nothing was coming out of the shower--the only faucet that was open.

Terry and I went down to WallyWorld to buy more antifreeze. On the way down I realized the shower faucet was on but the head was turned off. (The trailer had a tub and the plunger on the faucet would allow water to flow if the handle was turned on. Not so the shower in the Access.)

When we got back with our six gallons of antifreeze, I opened the shower head and pumped another gallon of antifreeze into the system. Finally I got a little dribble of pink fluid from the showerhead. But not as much as I should have been getting. And I heard a trickle of water UNDER the RV. Sure enough, there was pink fluid pouring onto the ground. I had pumped 4 1/2 gallons of antifreeze to the line drains under the stove. I had opened them but forgot to close them. (Hey! It was not mentioned in the directions! Not. My. Fault.)

I closed the two drains. and put a gallon and a half into the system as I opened and closed all the faucets (shower, kitchen sink, bathroom sink) as I watched the pink antifreeze flow out.

Live and learn.

Next will be putting the cover over the RV. THAT requires climbing on the top. Another new experience.The trailer got its own barn. At the Bolt Hole. The Access will stay here in PA. At least until I get doors on the barn. Or it becomes really difficult to plow snow with the 32-foot vehicle in the way.


Terry has packed her little yellow Aveo and will be heading out at 0-dark-30 with a destination of Sumter, South Carolina and her cousin's home. After a few days visit, Terry will head to Atlanta for the Smocking Arts Guild of America National Convention.

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