Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Aerie AM Report, March 9, 2010

It's been spring weather still with last night not even getting below the 32 degree mark. (The maple syrup folks won't like that. They need those freezing nights to keep the sap going up and down the trees and hold the buds from growing.)


My day is about to be ruined by another visit to the dentist. Need to get one tooth's filling repaired and then another molar--this one on the opposite side from the last--pulled. Since the left side is still tender, chewing is about to get real difficult. Soup and liquids seem in order.

The good news is that I've dropped a couple of pounds since last Wednesday's extraction. Not my preferred diet plan by any means, but if it works....

UPDATE: 10:45 AM Well that went well. I arrived at 8 AM and was in one dentist's chair getting a filling/broken tooth repaired by 8:05. She did a fine job.
Then it was on to having another dentist yank the bad molar on the upper left. He claims to have worked out all week in preparation but this tooth came out real easy. He hardly broke a sweat. I was out of the office by 9:05. No pain from the extraction...yet.


I've been refreshing the leader board for the Iditarod so many times it's getting ridiculous. I finally figured that they're bringing it up to date about every half hour or so which means my clicking every 10-15 minutes is worthless. Besides, the mushers are only about 1/4 of the way to Nome and most still have those mandatory rests to come. Lots of racing ahead.

Hardest part is trying to figure the time. The site gives it in AKST AND 24-hour/military style. My computer clock is in EST and 12-hour mode. So first I have to subtract 4 hours from my clock and figure the 24-hour equivalent. Not so easy for one who has never really dealt with that 24-hour stuff.


Well, I'm off to the dentist.


Rev. Paul said...

I'm glad your dental work went smoothly. Mr. Painkiller is your friend, now.

I don't know why you're having trouble with the conversion to AK/military time. Subtract four, then add 12, or just add 8 ... what could be more clear? And remember, AK time is UTC -9.


joated said...

Thanks for the comment Rev.

And then there's this: "And remember, AK time is UTC -9." Yeah. That'll make it sooooo much easier. *rolls eyeballs*