Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Funny you should ask

Shelley (Who is spoiling her Scout like crazy! Poor Marvin! AND Greg too!) wrote: (Previous posts comments) P.S. How are those kitties of yours?

Funny you should ask.

Yesterday, Julie made a break for it. Terry swears Julie was all the way across the room when she slid the door open to step out on the deck when swish! a lightening quick streak of orange and brown went shooting out the door and down the steps on to the grass. Luckily, there were no critters around and Julie is a grass junkie. Terry was able to get close enough to her on the third or fourth attempt to corral the scamp and tote her back inside the house. Julie didn't even try to bite or scratch as she sometimes does when she hasn't had her fill of the wild outdoors.

And last night, Chester got himself shut in the hall closet when he snuck in while Terry was getting a replacement light bulb for her bedside lamp. We never noticed he was missing until this morning. Shadow woke us as usual and Terry was putting three food bowls down when she noticed only two cats and off in the distance a faint "meow!"

Other than that they are cats: One aloof (Shadow); One regal and (sometimes) demanding attention and table scraps--especially venison! (Julie); and one plump, royal lover who's purr sounds like a (slightly) muffled chainsaw (Chester)

And they are all shedding as the days get longer. A great deal.

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Rev. Paul said...

Our cats regularly get themselves locked in a closet overnight. We convinced the girls to bathe their cats last week, and the shedding has slowed.

Aren't ALL cats demanding, in that "cats have staff" sort of way?