Sunday, December 04, 2011

NFL Lessons

Three things I learned watching football today:

1: Never give up on the J-E-T-S. Trailing 16-13 going into the fourth quarter the scored 21 points in that period and won 34-19.

2: The Giants play Jekyll-Hyde football. Excellent in the first half of the season and pretty bad in the second half. Last week they were horrible against New Orleans. This week they were pretty damn good. Tying the game at 35 in the fourth quarter they made only one mistake: they left 58 seconds on the clock for Rodgers and the Packers. And it cost the G-men 38-35 on the final second of the game.

3: Tim Tebow. If you listen to the "experts" you'd think the poor kid can't do anything. Yet all he does is lead his team to wins! The Broncos are starting to believe and are playing like they don't mean to stop. Today they came from behind to take down the Minnesota Vikings. On the passing side, Tebow completed 10 of 15 attempts but got 202 yards and two third quarter TDs. Teammate Willis McGehee rushed for 111 yards and scored a fourth quarter TD after which Tebow rushed for a two-point conversion. Matt Prater kicked two late field goals to tie with 1:33 left and then win the game 35-32 as time ran out.

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