Friday, December 16, 2011

Well, that's one way... avoid the bear hunting season in New Jersey.

HOPATCONG, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — The 550-pound bear that was found hiding out in a New Jersey basement had been living there for weeks.
Annacone learned about his roommate yesterday from Dave Cornine, a Cablevision technician who had come over for a repair job in the basement.

“I heard the growl, I thought what is that noise,” Cornine said.

Cornine turned around and saw an enormous black bear waking up in the corner. He didn’t stick around to make friends with the animal.

The bear was eventually tagged and released on state property. Hopefully a good distance from Mr. Annacone's home.

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Rev. Paul said...

You grow the blackies BIG there. Ours compete with the brown/grizzlies, and tend to stay in the 200 to 250 lb range - with some exceptions.

Either way, conversation and "hanging around" are ... contra-indicated. :)

joated said...

Well, here in the east we don't have anything bigger than a blackie except the occasional moose or elk and only recently have the coyotes started to forage the same areas for food, so I guess the black bears have been having it easy on the competition front for some time. Lets 'em grow bigger if not badder.