Saturday, December 03, 2011

PA Hunting: Day 6

Nada. Zip. Nil. Nothing.

That about sums up my day in the woods.

Started out the coldest morning yet with a temp of 24 degrees when I went out. Thankfully the wind was nonexistent. The only movement I could detect was of the cold air sinking down the hill to the valley. Until around 9 AM when the windmills all turned to the south and a slight breeze started blowing. Regardless of the direction they faced, breeze at my level was in my face. The sun came over the hill shortly after that and things warmed slightly. It eventually reached 40 degrees at the Aerie but it felt cooler in the woods.

Not only did I not see a deer, but there were very few shots fired and only one of them was anywhere in the vicinity. It was pretty lonely out there.

No hunting tomorrow. PA doesn't allow any on Sunday. The weather is supposed to deteriorate next week so we'll see if I get the urge to go out at all.

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