Thursday, December 08, 2011

Snow Report from the Aerie,
December 8, 2011

We've gotten 7-8 inches of white stuff on the ground and it's 29 degrees this morning. The official reading down in Covington is just 4 inches, but they are down in the Route 15 valley some 700 feet or more below our location. This one doesn't look like it'll melt away like the last two 3-inch falls. Time to get the shovels out and fire up the tractor.

The good news is that that they say it will be getting sunny later in the day. Warmer, too.

UPDATE: 11:30 AM There was less snow on the ground than I thought. The 7-8 inches were on the deck where cooling from below occurred. On the drive there was more like 4-5 inches. That's too little for the tractor to do much good although I used it anyway to scrape the long stretches. The snow was heavy with moisture, too, so shovel work was tough. I pushed the snow into windrows and then used the tractor from the flank to clear the bulk of the area.

Now the clouds have cleared and the sun is out. The temperature is just above freezing and melting is underway.

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Rev. Paul said...

We barely got a proverbial dusting, after reading forecasts for 72 hours calling for 3" to 5". As Gregor says: feh.