Sunday, December 11, 2011

PA Hunting: Days10-13: Thur, Fri, Sat.

The Wednesday snow meant I had to clean up on Thursday, which I did and then relaxed for the afternoon. With a dump truck in the ditch just up the hill and the attendant noise associated with getting it out and moving, I didn't feel I missed much going up the hill.

I heard no shots fired anywhere near the Aerie Thursday afternoon...or all day Friday. I did take a bit of a walk Friday and saw just one set of deer tracks made sometime during the night. Those tracks passed up the logging road and on out the southwest end of the property. With no other signs I was discouraged enough not to go out on Saturday--the last day of the rifle season.

Apparently, no one else saw anything either. There were no shots fired anywhere near on Saturday.

The season ended with a whimper and not a bang.

So, of course, this evening--the day after the season ended and a Sunday when PA doesn't allow hunting and after dark when hunting is not allowed--I stepped out on the deck and heard/saw at least four deer coming down the hill and crossing the road. I'm telling you, deer can read the compendium, the calender, and the clock.


Ruth said...

yup, we had deer out back every day all summer, and even through most of Bow season. Gun season started and all the deer disappeared. They're not completely stupid!

joated said...

They seem to enjoy playing head games. Last night some time they even came to the bird feeder.