Wednesday, December 07, 2011

They goofed again.

Well, the weathermen screwed the pooch on today's forecast!

On Sunday they said today was supposed to be a bright sunny day. Today we have continued fog and rain that may or may not turn to some snow showers later. now says there's a winter weather advisory for the area and we could have an inch or so of snow overnight.

Apparently, the front has stalled and the jet stream is parked just to our east. It's bringing moisture in from the Gulf and the coast and here we sit right under--and in--the precipitation. Travel a little to the north and west and the radar shows snow and ice. Another fifty miles and the radar shows clear.

Could be worse. The Poconos and Catskills may see 3-6 inches of snow--if you can believe the forecast.

Do you think they use a Ouija board or flip a coin?


Rev. Paul said...

And you were expecting accuracy? Muahahahahahahahaha!

Seriously, they use a dart board.

joated said...

Then they must either have tennis elbow, a torn rotator cuff, or are blindfolded.