Tuesday, December 06, 2011

PA Hunting: Day 8: Another no-go.

Another day in the house and not in the field. My back and knees are protesting. The weather really was poor, too. The rain we got last night was supposed to end by noon. Didn't happen. The radar on weather.com didn't show much in the way of green blobs indicative of rain but that might have been because the clouds were flying below the radar. We were in fog all day. Even when it rained, we were still in the fog. Temperatures have slowly fallen all day as well. We started the morning in the upper 40s and they've dropped down to the upper 30s.

Maybe tomorrow. Maybe not.


I spent part of yesterday and again today down in the wood shop. I'm working on some super-secret Christmas presents that I can not put photos of on this site because some of the recipients may get a sneak peek if I do.


We finally got the last of our Christmas cards in the mail today. That's only about a week late. Terry usually addresses them all the day after Thanksgiving and I write up the letter to be enclosed. This year we were both a little slow.


We've already received some cards from family and friends but today we got our first Christmas present. Brian and Vicki sent a package of Omaha Steaks. While we certainly will enjoy them, I have to wonder if he's trying to say something about my efforts to put some venison in the freezer?


Rev. Paul said...

I'm sorry about your deer season, but some years are like that. Still, you've taken more than I, so I have trouble feeling too sorry for you. Sorry 'bout that.

Brian Cole said...

They had venison on the website too, but I figured you'd find deer, bear or squirrel soon enough, so beef was the way to go...

Brian Cole said...

Venison > Beef > Bear > Squirrel > Fiscal Liberals