Thursday, December 01, 2011

PA Hunting: Day 4

I took the day off today to do a few things around the house and give my knees a rest.

I regretted it a bit, as today was the nicest yet. It was a chilly (and icy) 28 degrees at 7 AM and, without a cloud in the sky, it got up to 50 degrees this afternoon. Dressed for cold, I would have been striping in the woods. A beautiful day.

Tomorrow I'll be back in the woods early in the morning. It's supposed to be slightly cooler but just as clear--according to AccuHunch says there may be snow flurries in the afternoon. Somebody must have flipped a coin and had it land on edge.


Got a call from my buddy Joe. He and some of the old Jersey crew were hunting in eastern PA on one of the guy's uncle's farm. They tagged two 7-pointers and a doe during the first three days.

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Rev. Paul said...

I know the mixed emotions which run through a hunter's mind when hearing of someone else's good fortune, but I'm sure you were gracious.

Audibly, anyway. :)