Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Road Trip 2010: Day 62: Portland, OR to Fruitland, Idaho

Monday morning, Terry and I departed the Portland area and headed east on I-84.

The scenery through the Columbia Gorge was to die for but the state does not believe you should be able to pull over any where to take pictures. Sure, you could exit the interstate and go to one of the state parks--most of which discourage trailers and/or charge a fee. As a result, I got to take no pictures while traveling along the river.

Even after departing the river and heading southeast, there were few places to take pictures. The scenery was there, the opportunity was not. heck, I even saw Mt. Hood clear as day in my rear view mirror but had no chance to stop and photograph it.

It was amazing the change in habitat we passed through. Once away from the river and up on the plateau, things dried out considerably. Then, as we climbed a little further we found ourselves in a fir forest once again. Descend and it was all sage brush, grassland and irrigated corn and wheat fields.

Just southeast of Pendelton, we did stop near the top of the ridge at the one view point the state of Oregon permitted.

Looking back from a little SE of Pendelton

Looking back from a little SE of Pendelton

Now, we are spending the night in Fruitland, Idaho, just across the border from Oregon. In the morning, we'll head southeast again and head for Brigham City, Utah where we will spend two nights.

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