Monday, August 16, 2010

Road Trip 2010: Day 67: Saturday in Colorado Springs (Part 3)

We had dinner at Joyce's house along the Front Range between the Air Force Academy and Monument.

We were not the only guests, two other couples along with Jerry (former husband) and Patti (his sister) were to be on hand. But we were outnumbered by the hummingbirds.

Joyce said that most of the adults that were feeding at her place during the summer have already headed south. What she has now are some of the young of the year and migrants from further north. Most of the hummers are Broad-tails (they look exactly like the Ruby-throated Hummers we have back east) but there were a few Calliopes mixed in. The only way to tell them apart is by the length of the tail: the Calliopes have short tails and their wings, when folded are just a hair longer than their tail. We did see a few but I got no pictures.

Joyce also said that the few Rufus hummingbirds she gets are migrants on their way south. They migrate north along the western side of the Rockies and south along the Front Range. We didn't see any of those on Saturday evening.

The foxes also didn't come in for their dinner but that may have been because of the large number of dinner guests (human) in attendance and the fact that they had gotten fed that morning when they ate like little pigs.

We had an enjoyable evening talking with everyone there.

Then we set up a date for hot air ballooning on Sunday morning at 5:45 AM at Safeway on Colorado Blvd.

With that early start looming ahead, we got back to our trailer and hit the sack.


JDP said...

Great photos Joated!


joated said...

Thanks Dudley. It's hardnot to get a few good ones from a few dozen! Joyce's hummingbird numbers were down from her highs in July, but they were still buzzing around like so many bees after the nest has been stirred up. There had to be 100-150 there Saturday evening.

And, yes, that's DOWN from her highs in early summer which is probably closer to 300.