Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Road Trip 2010: Day 54 (con't)

Sunday, August 1

After making our way back to Northern Lights in Dawson Creek with nary a loss (and even a few additions of stray lambs), we proceeded to do what we have perfected.

Sunday night we had a briefing and said farewell to those who would be leaving Dawson Creek for points south and east of there. Five rigs chose to make Dawson Creek their final stop with the caravan while the rest of us who had plans for the west and would continued on toward Prince George.

Food was hauled out of rigs, tears were shed, promises to keep in touch were made and we all received our certificates for having completed the Alaskan Highway.

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Rev. Paul said...

Sorry to see you folks heading south again ... and it was GREAT to meet you both.

Stay safe, y'all!