Monday, August 16, 2010

Road Trip 2010: Day 67: Saturday in Colorado Springs (Part 2)

After spending a few hours at the zoo, we took a spin through the Garden of the Gods. Traffic was high, parking was scarce but we did manage to drive around the loop roads once or twice and even found a couple of parking spots that were available.

If I lived here, I would spend a lot of time walking the trails of the Garden. Sun, clouds, seasons make this a place that changes minute-by-minute.

And if you get tired of looking at the rocks nearby, you can look over at Pikes Peak.

Having driven about the Garden of the Gods twice, we then headed east of I-25 and cruised the streets of the old city of Colorado Springs. Most of the stuff on the west side of I-25 is pretty new and is geared toward the tourist trade. The stuff on the east side is where the real residents live. Colorado College, several magnificent churches, the Pioneer Museum, the Numismatic Museum of Money and many more attractions await the person who spends time east of I-25, but we were just cruising and made no stops along our way for we had a date for dinner.

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