Monday, February 04, 2008


Way to go Giants! 10-6 in the regular season they had to play all four playoff games on the road—and won them all. The G-men were the 2nd Wild Card team to go all the way and become Super Bowl Champs.

Great defense! Five sacks of Brady…WOOT! The two Pats TDs came on a pass interference in the end zone that set up a 1st and goal on the one (damn near impossible to stop) and a fallen defender that left Moss all by himself in the end zone.

Great game Eli! Even the one interception (the only Giants turnover in the playoffs) was on a perfectly thrown pass that the receiver tipped Upward into the air where the defender could grab it. And was followed by a 3-and-out defensive stand.

No run game? No problem! Smith, Tyree, Boss, Toomer and Burress came through. Did anyone check Tyree’s helmet for stick-um? Unbelievable play!

Hey, Tom, Plaxico said you'd score 17. What happened?Guess he gave your offense too MUCH credit, heh?

Who knew you could challenge a non-called penalty? When Chase Blackburn ran to get off the field on a New England punt, the officials didn’t call a penalty for 12 men on the field, but Belichick and staff challenged the non-call. Blackburn was at the sideline when the ball was snapped, running like hell for the bench, but apparently hadn’t touched his feet down out of bounds. The challenge was upheld, the Giants were penalized 5 yards and the Pats got to keep the ball. It didn’t help as they failed to score on the drive anyway. One more reason to admire/dislike Bill Belichick.

Oh, and nice of you to stick around for the end of the game. (Okay, the 1-second-to-go-and-a-play-must-be-run thing and a stopped clock were kind of silly, but those are the rules. Just appeared a little less than classy, shall we say.)

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GUYK said...

Belichick has been accused of a lot of things but having "class" is not one of them.

I was pulling for the Giants for a couple of is that I admire Eli Manning and was hoping all year that he could make Tiki Barber eat his words about Eli not being a team leader. The other is that I just don't like Belichick..he appears to me to be one of those coaches that will do whatever it takes to win or not. You can bet that if he was a college coach his school would have some serious recruiting violaions...