Sunday, February 17, 2008

Winter wonderland... least for a little while.

Here’s a peek at what I found when I travelled to the Bolt Hole. There’s 2-3 feet of snow on the ground with the higher amounts in the shaded woods. In the lawn area it’s been compacted by the sun and rains of the last week or so and as a result there’s two feet of dense snow with just the top six inches of powder. That’s likely to change this afternoon as the winds out of the south will bring warmer temperatures and significant rains that will cause more compaction. There are warnings up for potential flooding due to the combination rain and melt water.
Here’s the Bolt Hole after I’ve cleared the snow from the “driveway” and backed the Tundra up to the door.
100_0005 Bolt Hole
The firs at the entrance to the yard look pretty with their pointy shape and coating of snow.
100_0007 Firs with snow
Even the normally ugly and totally worthless (unless you’re a red squirrel who eats pine cones) “scotch” pines look better with a coating of snow. Although, they do tend to suffer broken branches more than the firs, white pines and even the blue spruces I’ve got surrounding the yard.
100_0004 Pine

I’ve managed to shovel the snow and ice off the woodshed attached to the north side of the cabin, but upon advice from Mark, left the snow on the garage. With the rains and warm temperatures predicted for this week that snow may go slip sliding away on its own.

I’d strap on the snowshoes and go for a walk, but the rain is supposed to start any time now and I’d rather stay inside where I can stay dry. It’ll be an afternoon for a book and a warm, dry seat beside the wood burner.

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