Monday, February 25, 2008

My Thoughts: Part III
The Republicans

February is drawing to a close and we are locked in a never ending presidential campaign the likes of which I don’t recall in my 58 years on this earth. I’ve spend the better part of this campaign cycle reading blogs rather than watching the endless debates and I’ve gathered some thought of my own. This is a little lengthy so I’m breaking it into three parts.

Part III ( Part I, Part II )

John McCain looks to have the Republican nomination sewn up, and while I would have preferred Fred Thompson, he’ll be getting my vote. Surprisingly, I think he’ll also be getting Terry’s. I say surprisingly because we usually cancel one another out. She’s usually far more liberal than I am and, except for local positions (town and county level), we often disagree.

Now, McCain’s done some dumb things in the years he’s been in the Senate. The Keating 5 thing comes to mind as does his working with Ted Kennedy on Amnesty, excuse me, Comprehensive Immigration Reform last spring. Then there’s that little McCain-Feingold law that’s come up to bite him in the ass. (I wonder if he has second thought on that one!) He’s got some baggage but compared to Hillary, it’s strictly carry-on. He knows the military. He knows how the government works and, hopefully, what it can and can’t do. He’s come to realize the tax cuts were good and that earmarks and pork are really, really bad. Hopefully he’s also learned that people (real citizens) want a fence and active enforcement of the laws to combat illegal immigrants. At least he’s beginning to mouth some of the words to the tune. Now if he’d just pick up on the rest of the lyrics…. He’ll need a running mate who’s strong on the economic issues as well as immigration to back him up, however.

Huckabee is doing neither himself nor the Republican Party any good at this juncture. His continued presence on the campaign trail serves no purpose. He’s not politically conservative enough to appease or draw much attention at all from the Conservatives (capital “C”) within the party. He is just no longer a viable candidate.

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