Wednesday, February 13, 2008

View of the future?

Is this what we have to look forward to?

The discussion between the piece’s author—manny—and a business man of his acquaintance is with regards to some of the silly season being currently unleashed in Australia with the installation of the left into the seats of power. It specifically relates to the “apology” offered by current Prime Minister Rudd to the Aboriginal people for the “stolen generation.” An apology that is being hotly debated downunder, to say the least. (See Stolen farce #2 - Stealing your own children for an example of what’s going on.)

John Howard - Australia's John Galt

He remarked that today's affairs have made a fallacy of the argument that the Howard government had offered very little in terms of bold policy platforms or reform and that therefore its November 2007 defeat was long overdue. Howard was very much Australia's John Galt: it was against his shoulders that movement leftists railed and to which he yielded not an inch. Howard's removal he argued unravelled that Newtonian relationship, foisting insane ideas, held back for 11 years by Howard, straight into the most vulnerable demographic - our children. Almost from swearing in of the new government, the leeching and corrupting the youth has recommenced.
[Emphasis added.]

For nearly eight years, the Democrats have railed against Bush much in the same way the Aussie left castigated Howard. BDS has run rampant through the American left, probably doing more damage than any Bird Flu might have done. Now we face the prospect of either Hillary (looking more unlikely every primary that goes by) or Obama in the White House with a Democrat House and Senate for support. Are we likely to see the crazy ideas rushed through to become law as several have in Australia? (I mean crazier than the light bulb POS.) Are the looters and moochers about to run the government? Will the Sanction of the Victim become a reality?

Just remember that no matter how “bad” John McCain may seem to those who desire a perfect conservative, the next president may well appoint 2, 3, even 4 judges to the Supreme Court. Do you really want them to be appointed by Obama or Hillary? With either of the two in the White House we will pay the price for a very long, long time.

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