Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Flori-duh, indeed!

Ace posts this little tale that might go a long way to explaining what happened in 2000.

Flori-Duh: Confused Floridians Want To Know How They Can Vote on Mega Tuesday

Millions of Americans in 24 states are turning out vote to in Super Tuesday presidential primaries from Georgia to Alaska today. Meanwhile, some dedicated if confused Florida voters are trying to, as well.

Elections offices across the state are reporting hundreds of calls from voters wanting to know where they can vote today. The answer is that Florida already had its presidential primary -- last week.

Love the polisci Prof from UCF who tries to explain the confusion as heightened interest in this year's presidential campaign. If the folks were so damn interested, how did they NOT know the primary was last week?

Oh well, doesn't matter anyway. The Floridian delegates won't be seated at the Dem or Rep conventions because of the earlier vote. Right?

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