Monday, February 25, 2008

My Thoughts: Part I
Hillary Clinton

February is drawing to a close and we are locked in a never ending presidential campaign the likes of which I don’t recall in my 58 years on this earth. I’ve spend the better part of this campaign cycle reading blogs rather than watching the endless debates and I’ve gathered some thought of my own. This is a little lengthy so I’m breaking it into three parts.

Part I ( Part II, Part III )

Regarding the Democrats, I really don’t give a fig which one wins the primaries and emerges from the party convention at the top of the ballot. Neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama will get my vote come November.

Hillary is a carpetbagger who carries more baggage than the box car of an Amtrak train full of snowbirds from Chicago to Orlando. Her years in Arkansas where she logged hours with the Rose Law firm and dabbled in deals from Whitewater to cattle futures while deflecting charges from women wronged by philandering Slick Willy would, by themselves sour me on her ever setting up camp in the Oval Office. Throw in the way she behaved as First Lady—obstructing the inquiries into the Rose Law activities on behalf of the Whitewater crew, Travelgate, continuing to deflect charges by women wronged by Bill, and generally collecting public property (the White House furnishings) as her own—and you’ve got a few more reasons. Then we have what she did to obtain a seat in the Senate…. Just what are those residency requirements again? When it was obvious that she could never be elected to dog catcher in Arkansas it was just oh so easy for her to slip into New York and win on the balance of a few heavily populated and Democratically controlled cities. How convenient for her that Rudy Guliani had that little cancer problem and had to pull out of the running. Would she have won if he hadn’t? And exactly what has she done for her New York constituency in the eight years of her reign? Then we have the fund raising fiascoes such as Hsu. And the poor, poor choice of personnel to organize her inevitable march to victory. Ready to lead on day one? Ha!

All that aside, her positions on Universal Health Care, higher taxes, control, control, control, just turn me off. As I read about her conversion to Marxism in college, I shudder for I see not one hint that she has turned away from those teachings. Hell, she probably wears a Che t-shirt under her blouse. She not only wishes to be Commander In Chief, she wants to be Nanny One.

And do we really want Bill to have the run of the White House again? Pity the poor interns.

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