Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Feeding at the public trough, Avian style

It's still snowing lightly outside as I type. Through yesterday, last night and into this morning we've received three to five inches of snow. With any luck it won't last much longer AND there will be enough to warrant using the snow thrower.

Looking out the window I can view flocks of birds creating an air traffic controller's nightmare as they zoom in and out to get at the feeder, while all the while squawking and screeching at one another like New York City cab drivers at a busy intersection. I have to believe I'm feeding every Redpoll and Evening Grosbeak in Tioga County. They gobbled up 4 quarts of thistle seed and 8 quarts of sunflower seeds yesterday alone.

Chester (the Fat Cat of the household) is sitting by the window cursing at the birds on the other side of the glass and twitching his tail in frustration. He spends more time at the windows than either of the other two, although both Shadow and Julie take an interest in the noisier swarms of birds.

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